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    Product  Development  &  Consultancy  Services


We support businesses to develop digital-first content, processes and behaviours to meet market needs across many sectors, but with a particular focus on education and training.

We’re also a registered training provider (UKPRN 10062124), successfully delivering ESF funded training via online and blended learning delivery.


Our Services

We specialise in design, development and publishing

Website Design

Beautiful and effective, delivering brand, services, and audience engagement. The process of redeveloping a website for a business is rarely simple and starts with a detailed analysis of audience, purpose and commercial aspirations.

Graphic Design

We firmly believe that only awesome is good enough. Our creative designers run our world, so we can transform how you engage with each distinct audience.


Branding isn’t just a logo and a tag line – it’s an expression of the whole of what and who you are, and aspire to be to both your internal and external stakeholders.

Education & Training Content

A significant proportion of our work has always been in education and training. We’ve worked right across the industry, providing solutions for schools, Further Education and Higher Education institutions as well as leading the way with Apprenticeship delivery and work based learning for industry. We have delivered products and services to the world’s biggest publishers, with our content in use in more than 180 countries. We built and run the first MOOC for schools in the UK and would love to bring our expertise and passion for learning to your projects.

Data Management & Visualisation

Data drives insight and business development, whatever your industry. We have a long history of working in logistics and number Asia’s largest logistics company among our clients, for whom we have built business delivery systems generating and organising millions of pieces of data a day across the world. We love exploring how real-time information can transform any business and applied our industry innovation to educational  processes and outcomes, enabling them to use highly-visual live data to inform decision making.

Application Development

We create bespoke systems, seamless platforms and tailored software across a range of industries, and bring the same creative flair and attention to detail to each development.

Digital Publishing

We're experts in native digital publishing and also deliver digitisation programmes, transforming print and analogue materials into motivational digital experiences. Like any good translation process, it’s not simple replication: it has to be done with an understanding of the technologies and unique behaviours being targeted.


Our award winning e-learning development can transform opportunity, accessibility and increase engagement with learners in any context.  We design and deliver appealing and effective learning that’s built around, and targeted to, your individual learners’ interest.


Education Consultancy

Effective interventions, improving teaching & learning

We offer both education services – delivering courses including tutoring direct to learners – and consultancy in a number of areas.  

Below is a list of broad experience we have in this sector. It is by no means exhaustive but gives a flavour of the competencies we can offer:

  • Economic and local management information analysis including analysis of FE skill requirement
  • Improving teaching, learning and assessment through observation, quality improvement and professional enhancement frameworks
  • Quality improvement strategies and implementation
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators
  • Curriculum design (study programmes, apprenticeships, traineeships, professional development, HNC/D)
  • Strategic planning
  • Funding (including HEFCE, EFA, High Needs, SFA, Apprenticeship, ESF and OlASS)
  • Bid writing
  • Provide project management for example in the implementation of change or the introduction of new initiatives (Capital and Project Funding)
  • Project gearing and delivery
  • Contract management
  • Integration of audit, quality assurance and ILR back office functions

Education Services

Education services for providers who need specialist delivery support

We provide education services, working directly with learners, for providers who need specialist support in their delivery.

In these cases, the responsibility for the learning remains with the provider, but we build and deliver bespoke online content to support tutors and assessors to achieve learning outcomes that may not be within their areas of expertise, or in which they may not have expertise in the digital delivery.

The ability for organisations to provide online elements in their training delivery is a requisite to meet FELTAG standards, and in many cases is required to win training contracts, and we support those elements from platform design through to learning provision and tutor training.



Our powerful website and learning management system

Exintra is a powerful website management system we've developed and evolved over the past ten years. It has been used to build many of our clients' sites and platforms.

Exintra has a wide range of complex business systems built-in and forms a hub for further custom developments that support permission-based applications ranging from learning to freight management, museum collections, e-commerce and recruitment services.

Utilised at considerable scale across our client base, the system offers a powerful and cost-effective platform for conducting businesses on the web across a wide range of sectors.

Below, take a look at a selection of examples of some of the sites and platforms that have been built using Exintra.


Our Functional Skills delivery platform

Skills.Direct is our Functional Skills delivery platform, with Initial Assessment and blended learning courses in English, maths and ICT at Level 1 and Level 2.

As well as providing the digital solution to training providers, we also deliver the programmes as an educational service direct to learners, supporting non-specialists to meet the demands of Functional Skills delivery.

As a registered training provider (UKPRN 10062124), we deliver custom ICT courses to businesses under a highly successful ESF contract.

   Click here if you'd like to discuss Skills Direct

   Click here to take a look at the Skills Direct platform  

Training Management System

Manage education and training contracts

Our Exintra TMS manages education and training contracts by aggregating data from external Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Management Information Systems (MIS) and feeding it into contract milestones in order to measure take-up, progression and achievement for quality assurance and funding submissions.

The system handles multi-partner contracts to allow consortia management and executive data dashboarding to drive quality and intervention strategies. With a customisable contract management system based on the complex requirements for ESF and ILR reporting, the platform offers enormous cost savings and real-time visibility on education and training contracts funding cycles, progression and achievement.

    Please contact us to discuss how our Training Management System can transform your training contract delivery.

About Us

Digital Partners Since 2006

Our talented team comprises developers, designers, project managers and education specialists

We launched the Exintra web portal system in 2007 and have been developing it ever since, whilst delivering products and digital consultancy for a wide range of clients in education and a number of other sectors.

We work internationally as well as across the UK, and our products are used all over the world. One of our sites has 120 000 users from 190 countries, and one of our apps is used to calculate freight rates by logistics operators all over the globe to drive tens of millions of dollars of transactions each year.

We’re a small company working as a partner with all our clients, with our success explicitly dependent on their own.

If you have a project that you're interested in developing and feel we could help you with, please get in touch.

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