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Cambridge Digital is a digital publishing and product developer, particularly for the educational publishing market, but also across a broad range of sectors where digital solutions are key to business success.

Robust platforms
for learners at every level

We are primarily a digital publishing company with a strong background in education. We delight in building pedagogically robust solutions to support learners at every level, from pre-school through to University.

Our work with different publishers is currently being used by learners in more than 180 countries around the world.

Digital Publishing

We work with publishers large and small designing and building products,
content and platforms for users across the globe.

Cambridge University Press – We built and continue to maintain their Cambridge School / Cambridge University Press Shakespeare website, and also digitised all the content for it using our custom Learning Management System. The highly interactive widgets we developed give students a wide range of engaging activities that were quick and simple to author using the platform. As part of this project, we loved working with the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to develop interactive 360° views of some of their objects as a way for students to engage with the world of Shakespeare’s characters.

OCR – We built the first GCSE MOOC in the UK for OCR, Raspberry Pi and Cambridge University Press using our Exintra platform, and have watched the number of registered users on the site rise above 50 000. We have also designed and built learning content for their STEM and English literature products, and conceived, designed and implemented the beautiful TiME (Training in Maths and English) platform, delivered with funding from the SFA and BIS. This involved setting up an entire production team for OCR to meet the project’s extremely tight deadlines for delivery.

Pearson – For over ten years, we’ve been building content and platforms, and designing educational products for Pearson, the world’s biggest educational publisher. We currently deliver their epub publishing for the Middle East region and have been heavily involved in development work for epub3 and edupub formats.

Hodder – We built and currently maintain twelve websites for the Hodder Caribbean publishing division, after they aquired the business from Pearson. Their ease of use and sophisticated functionality mean they work exceptionally well in low-bandwidth environments, and deliver highly interactive learning experiences at low cost to the publisher.

Business Systems

We specialise in interactive portals that give access to multi-strand business engagements.

TVZ – a site built around the events notifications and publishing, client management and banner-advertising system that funds it. The service is the primary booking point for satellite upload facilities for broadcasters worldwide, and requires the highest levels of availability and support to maintain its unique position.

Kerry Logistics – we first built a customer portal for the UK branch of China’s largest logistics company some ten years ago. Since then we’ve built a wine shipping management tool for them, and a system to work out the most economical route for containers from any port in China to any drop-off point in the UK. Carrying hundreds of thousands of variables, the system is now used globally, has an app version, and is being developed further to meet an ever expanding list of needs.

Cambridge Cleantech – the membership management system is at the heart of this company’s business model, and is used to deliver everything from content publishing to newsletter management and customer invoicing.

BSAT – The British Sporting Art Trust now has a Collections Management System modelled on that employed by the Tate, but designed to be extremely powerful, but also simple to use. Embedded into the website management system and driving search engine optimisation as well as the curation needs, it’s a highly effective tool for a great organisation.

Coopers Livery Company – The Coopers Livery Company is a wonderful charity supporting a range of social and educational endeavours, but which is also one of the few London livery companies to have its own hall. That gives it a strong commercial imperative as this has to be hired out in a competitive market. Their website therefore handles their extensive membership management needs, their communications, and their SEO and commercial needs.

Classroom Call – This supply teacher agency manages all its recruitment, clearance, booking and records processes through the business systems built into their website. Also fundamental to the business is the requirement to maintain a high profile on search engines across the regions it works in. Our works ensures that it is consistently the top listed local supplier for its key terms in those areas.

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